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At Elswick Physical Therapy, you will receive a one on one comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan that will address each and every problem you have. WHY live with nagging neck and/or back pain, aching joints, restricted mobility when physical therapy can provide you Relief? I have the experience and expertise to help you get back to a more functional life with less to no pain. 

 Elswick Physical Therapy is mainly a cash pay facility, but does accept patients with most Anthem plans, commercial  insurances and worker's compensation.  

Elswick Physical Therapy is located at 2387 Profession Heights, Suite 10, Lexington, KY 40503.  

For more information or scheduling, please call 859-913-3746 ; Fax 859 - 368 - 7780 or  +1 (859) - 813 - 5131

or email


 PT, OCS, Cert. MDT

 Glenda F Elswick,

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